Roos Vanotterdijk Shatters Belgian Record and Wins Gold at European Championships

On Friday, Belgrade, Serbia – Roos Vanotterdijk made headlines at the European Swimming Championships, setting a new Belgian record in the women’s 100-metre butterfly.

The 19-year-old completed the race in a stunning 57.47 seconds, breaking her own previous record of 57.82 seconds.

Vanotterdijk’s remarkable performance earned her a gold medal in the 100-metre butterfly and a silver in the 50-metre butterfly, solidifying her position as one of Belgium’s premier swimming talents.

The final of the 100-metre butterfly was a thrilling contest, with Vanotterdijk trailing behind Sweden’s Sara Junevik for the majority of the race.

In a dramatic turn of events, Vanotterdijk surged ahead in the final seconds, clinching victory and rewriting the Belgian swimming record books. Junevik, who had earlier secured gold in the 50-metre butterfly, was left to settle for silver in the 100-metre event.

Vanotterdijk’s victories come after a challenging year marked by a significant shoulder injury that sidelined her for several months.

Despite the setback, her resilience and determination shone through, culminating in a triumphant return to the pool. Her team and supporters have widely celebrated her success, viewing it as a testament to her hard work and dedication.

In addition to her recent accolades, Vanotterdijk is gearing up for the ultimate test of her abilities: the Summer Olympics in Paris this July. Her recent performances suggest she will be a strong contender on the world stage.

Record-Setting History

Vanotterdijk’s latest achievement is the most recent chapter in the storied history of Belgian women’s 100-metre butterfly records. The first notable record was set by Chantal Grimard, who clocked a time of 1:04.83 in Woluwé on March 27, 1976.

This record was subsequently broken by Martine Verbreyt twice in 1978, first with a time of 1:04.72 in Antwerp, then improving it to 1:04.29 in Seraing.

Throughout the 1980s, Ingrid Lempereur and Ann Bonvoisin continued to lower the record. Lempereur set a time of 1:04.07 in Antwerp in 1986 and later improved it to 1:03.56 in Amersfoort. Bonvoisin took over in 1990, setting a new benchmark of 1:03.05 in Bruges.

Brigitte Becue’s performance in 1996 brought the record down to 1:02.69 in Charleroi. Fabienne Dufour emerged as a dominant force in the early 2000s, eventually setting a time of 1:00.06 in 2003.

Kimberly Buys then held the record for several years, continuously improving her time until she reached 57.91 in 2017.

Vanotterdijk first broke onto the scene with a record time of 57.85 at the junior championships in Bucharest in 2022. She then surpassed her own record twice, culminating in her current time of 57.47, set in Belgrade on Friday.

Vanotterdijk’s record-breaking performance not only marks a significant milestone in her career but also highlights the evolution of Belgian women’s swimming over the past decades.

As she prepares for the Paris Olympics, the young swimmer’s journey serves as an inspiration to many and promises an exciting future for Belgian swimming.


Roos Vanotterdijk’s achievements at the European Championships exemplify her exceptional talent and perseverance. By breaking her own national record and claiming gold, she has cemented her status as a leading figure in Belgian swimming.

As the world turns its eyes towards the upcoming Olympics, Vanotterdijk’s inspiring comeback story and remarkable prowess in the pool make her a swimmer to watch in Paris this summer.


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