Recent Storms Prompt Closure of Six Swimming Areas in Wallonia

Recent storms across Wallonia have led to the closure of six popular swimming areas due to concerns over water quality, the regional Drought Expertise Unit has confirmed.

The Wallonia Public Service Drought Expertise Unit issued a statement outlining the affected locations, which include the River Lesse in Houyet and Pont-à-Lesse, the River Ourthe in Hotton, Lake Neufchâteau, and the River Semois in Lacuisine and Chiny. These closures come in response to heavy storms that struck Belgium, bringing intense downpours and gusty winds.

A meeting convened by the Drought Expertise Unit, in collaboration with various stakeholders in Wallonia’s water sector, took place on Tuesday to assess the impact of the recent weather events. The Centre for Hazard Coordination and Expertise Transmission oversaw the meeting, focusing on the state of water resources throughout the region.

“Given the forecasts, the drought index is expected to remain above normal across the entire region,” the unit reported, highlighting ongoing concerns despite the recent rainfall.

The closures aim to ensure public safety amidst potential risks posed by the storm’s aftermath. Authorities have advised against swimming in these areas until further notice, emphasizing the importance of monitoring and maintaining water quality standards.

Local residents and visitors to Wallonia have been urged to stay informed through official channels regarding updates on the reopening of these swimming spots. The closures underscore the region’s proactive approach to managing environmental challenges and ensuring the well-being of recreational water users.

As Wallonia navigates the complexities of fluctuating weather patterns and environmental resilience, efforts continue to monitor and mitigate any adverse impacts on water quality and public health.


The closure of six swimming areas in Wallonia serves as a precautionary measure following recent storms, highlighting ongoing efforts to safeguard public health and environmental integrity. As authorities monitor the situation closely, residents and tourists are advised to stay informed about the status of these recreational sites.


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