People needs to accept secret democracy, says Alexis Tsipras

Greece: The President of SYRIZA (a Political Party in Greece), Alexis Tsipras, stated that if people accept the “secret democracy”, then they will find themselves having Democracy at the forefront.

He took to his official social media account and highlighted, “If we accept the “secret democracy”, then we will soon find ourselves having Democracy at the forefront. Those who have sunk political life and country into the mud are accusing us of criticizing them for sinking the country into the mud.”


Here is the complete statement of Alexis Tsipras

We weren’t watching half of the political staff, ministers, judges, businessmen, journalists, and even the Armed Forces chiefs.

The paradigm set up by Mitsotakis at the Prime Minister’s office, he conducted all these watchings. This is an unprecedented democratic diversion, as two former Prime Ministers of the ND party said, Karamanlis and the Samaras.

It is not possible that those of us who serve from positions of responsibility in our Democracy not to point out that these are an unacceptable diversion.

If we accept the contraction and the breach of Democracy, if we accept that we will have ‘secret democracy’, then we will soon find ourselves having Democracy in extinction. Because the road is not too far.

We have a minister who stopped being a minister and became “Target 5046c”. And instead of going out and saying “sorry but this is indecent, I quit”, she goes in and out every other day with Mitsotaki. I wonder too: Don’t they react because they don’t want to lose their ministerial position or don’t react because they are blackmailed for all the evidence recorded through their conversations?

Qatar-gate shows that the old political system can have new shiny faces today, but unfortunately, it remains the same. It is the system of corruption and interference that led us to bankruptcy. Kaili, despite PASOK, played a leading role in the anti-SYRIZA front: She declared that the physical space of the party founded by Andreas Papandreou – and was naturally anti-right – is to cooperate with his ND. Mitsotaki.


SYRIZA may have upset many as a government, but I think—and our political opponents will admit—it has been one of the most honourable governments the place has seen.

We neither looted public money nor managed it for our own benefit. We did not make direct assignments or closed tenders. We have dealt with great difficulties with our mistakes, but with integrity. And I believe that this moral advantage plays a very important role in the choice of citizens.

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