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France may transfer Mirage 2000 fighters from French Air Force to Ukraine

Paris, France: An Agreement for Ukraine to obtain Mirage-2000D ground attack versions has apparently been made. France is looking to increase Ukraine's Air Force strength by providing them with the French-made Mirage-2000D

EPM José Manuel Fernandes attends two-day Green Gas Mobility Summit in Madrid

Madrid, Spain: José Manuel Fernandes, the Portuguese journalist and Member of the European Parliament, informed through his social media account that yesterday he attended the two-day Green Gas Mobility Summit in Madrid

Poland is no longer supplying weapons to Kyiv in response to Zelensky’s remark on grain deal

Warsaw, Poland: Poland is no longer supplying Ukraine with weapons as it is actively arming itself, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

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Dutch-speaking education system faces chronic shortage of teachers: Authorities

The Dutch-speaking education system has been facing chronic teacher shortages for a while, increasingly leaving students lagging behind and with classes being cancelled. The crisis also has more and more impact on students’ ability to sit their exams.

Brussels people feel less safe on streets due to e-scooters: Data

Around 28% of Brussels citizens feel less secure on the streets due to the recent spike in shared mobility vehicles, specifically e-scooters, according to the Urban Road Safety Index of Cyclomedia.

University Hospital in Brussels becomes first to use safe way of radiation treatment for Breast cancer patients

The University Hospital in Brussels is the first hospital globally that has started using a safe way for the radiation treatment of people suffering from Breast cancer.

Monkeypox virus could spread “Under the radar” for months or even years: Reports

The monkeypox virus, which suddenly emerged all over the world in the previous month, could have been circulating “Under the radar” for months or even years, as per the virologist Marc Van Ranst.

Belgium: Economy hassles to recover from Russia-Ukraine war consequences, says officials

Since the day Russia has called for full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Belgium has been suffering from the economic impact caused by the military operation. The impact has affected several key areas in the economy, which are still hassling to recover from the global shockwaves being sent from the war of its southern neighbor.

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