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Energy crisis increases poverty rates in Belgium, effecting school children

The energy crisis is raising poverty rates in Belgium, which is already affecting school children and their packed lunches, as per sources all over Belgian education.

London: Protests erupts outside Iranian embassy, injures five officers

Five officers had been severely wounded, 12 people were detained and 12 individuals were arrested outside the Iranian Embassy in London,

British man visits 67 different pubs in 17 hours, creates Guinness World Record

A man from British made history by breaking the Guinness World Record of having drinks at 67 different pubs in about 17 hours.

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Danish ex-minister jailed for unlawfully separating asylum-seeking couples

After a special court found her guilty of unlawfully splitting several asylum seekers couples where the female member was a minor, Denmark's former immigration...

Josh Duggar has been convicted of child pornography

According to the judgement entered in the United States District Court Western District of Arkansas Fayetteville Division on Thursday, a jury found reality TV...

Protest in Brussels: A major farming march has been postponed

According to the European Milk Board statement, a large demonstration scheduled for next week in Brussels has been postponed due to the "present escalating...

France will allow flights from South African nations from Saturday

France announced on Wednesday that planes from eleven southern African nations will be allowed in starting Saturday, but only French and EU residents, diplomats,...

Danish health authority confirms Omicron variant of COVID-19 in Denmark

Denmark became the latest European country to confirm cases of the new COVID-19 variant Omicron on Sunday. Danish health authorities said they had recorded two...

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