MSC Euribia to arrive in Zeebrugge, Belgium in December 2023

On the sixth day of its enchanting seven-night Christmas cruise tour, the MSC Euribia is poised to grace the picturesque shores of Belgium on December 13, 2023. 

As the sun bathes the coastal landscapes in a warm winter glow, passengers aboard this floating haven of luxury will disembark to explore Belgium’s charming delights. 

From festive markets adorned with twinkling lights to historical landmarks steeped in tradition, the day promises a blend of cultural immersion and holiday joy. 

The MSC Euribia’s Christmas voyage continues to weave memories of merriment and discovery, creating a magical tapestry of seasonal enchantment for all on board.

In the heart of winter, as the air turns crisp and the scent of mulled wine fills the streets, embark on a magical journey across the seas with MSC Cruises’ Christmas Market Cruise aboard the magnificent MSC Euribia. 

This seven-night extravaganza promises a splendid exploration of European Christmas markets and the luxury of cruising through the enchanting waters of the North Sea.

Following is the schedule of the seven-night Cruise voyage starting from December 8, 2023

Setting Sail: Southampton, England

As the clock strikes embarkation day, travellers find themselves in the historic port city of Southampton, England. The cruise kicks off with the promise of a week-long festive escapade, a dream for those seeking a unique yuletide celebration. The vessel, MSC Euribia, stands ready to whisk passengers away on a journey filled with Christmas cheer.

A Day of Maritime Bliss: Cruising

The second day is dedicated to embracing the serenity of the open sea. Guests can indulge in the ship’s lavish amenities, from spa retreats to culinary adventures. The Christmas spirit permeates the vessels, with festive decorations adorning every corner, making it a floating winter wonderland.

Hamburg: A German Christmas Extravaganza

Day three sees the MSC Euribia dock in Hamburg, Germany. Passengers are invited to explore one of Europe’s most iconic Christmas markets here. Stroll through the historic streets adorned with lights, savouring the aroma of roasted chestnuts and cinnamon pastries. The market’s charm lies in its traditional wooden stalls, offering handcrafted ornaments and unique gifts.

Rotterdam: Dutch Delights

After another day at sea, Rotterdam, Netherlands, welcomes travellers on day five. The city’s Christmas market, set against the backdrop of modern architecture, is a delightful fusion of tradition and innovation. The market is a testament to the Netherlands’ rich cultural heritage, from Dutch cheeses to intricately crafted trinkets.

Zeebrugge: Belgian Bliss

Day six brings the cruise to Zeebrugge, Belgium. Here, passengers can immerse themselves in the Belgian Christmas spirit, sampling delectable chocolates and warming up with a cup of world-renowned Belgian hot cocoa. The picturesque surroundings of this charming coastal town complement the market’s festive ambience.

Le Havre: French Elegance

As the cruise nears its end, day seven takes travellers to Le Havre, France. The French Christmas market, emphasising elegance and style, offers a sophisticated shopping experience. From haute couture to gourmet treats, guests can revel in the epitome of French festive charm.

Homeward Bound: Southampton, England

The final day marks the return to Southampton, England, concluding a week of unforgettable memories. As the MSC Euribia docks again, passengers disembark with hearts full of joy and a trove of Christmas treasures.

Unforgettable Extras: All-Inclusive Option

For those seeking an extra layer of indulgence, the option to go All-Inclusive for an additional €270 per person presents itself. This includes a myriad of amenities, from premium dining experiences to unlimited beverages, ensuring that every moment of the journey is steeped in luxury.

In Conclusion

The MSC Euribia Christmas Market Cruise is not just a journey; it’s an immersive experience into the heart of European Christmas traditions. 

From the bustling markets of Hamburg to the refined elegance of French festivities, this cruise offers a unique way to celebrate the season. 

As the ship sails through the wintry waters, passengers are not just travellers; they are participants in a yuletide spectacle, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. 


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