Manchester United hopes to win first two Premier League matches for the first time since 2017/18

Manchester, England: Manchester United are hoping to win their first two Premier League matches for the first time since the 2017/18 season under Jose Mourinho.

After sealing victory in the first Premier League season 2023/24 match, the red devils are ready to take on Tottenham Hotspur FC at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

Season 2017/18 was the last season when United sealed victory in first two games. After six years, the red devils again had the opportunity to accomplish the achievement under Erik Ten Hag.

Since the Dutch Football manager arrived at Old Trafford, United has seen many improvements compared to previous seasons. Today’s match against Tottenham is crucial for the Red Devils.

Manchester United won only one match in their opening match away from home in the Premier League in the last five seasons. The only victory was against Brighton 3-2 in 2020.

Starting the season with a home and away victory will be an excellent start for the team, boosting the team’s confidence and performance.

Manchester United lost eight away matches in the English Premier League in the 2022/23 season. Today the team will play its first away match of the season.

The Club’s manager, Erik Ten Hag, gave a statement before the match highlighting that the team is ready and we have to step up in away games to get more points and maintain the rankings to higher levels.

Speaking about the signings, the Dutch manager commented that the squad is covered, but United are always looking for improvement, and when there is the opportunity, the Club will strike in the last two weeks.

He said, “As I said, we are always looking for opportunities, but I think we have a good squad. With this squad, we are convinced we can go for our targets”.

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