Greenpeace Belgium recognizes 30 environmental activists detained in 2013

Brussels, Belgium: Greenpeace Belgium, an independent global campaigning organization that protects and conserves the environment, recognizes the brave Arctic 30 activists who fought for a greener world on September 21.

On September 18, 2013, a peaceful protest in international waters targeting a Russian Arctic drilling rig ended with 28 Greenpeace activists and two independent journalists detained. Two months later, they were released.

In recent years, social movement activists have been persecuted and condemned more often for their actions. It’s the same in Belgium.

Last March, 14 Greenpeace Belgium activists were arrested while peacefully occupying Fluxys gas terminal to denounce new gas infrastructure that is damaging the environment.

The environmental organization appreciated the efforts of the activists to conserve the environment and asked for local support to carry on their peaceful activities, maintaining a balanced environment.

Yesterday, activists of Greenpeace France blocked the arrival of a new floating LNL terminal in the French port of Havre. This one is used to transport even more shale gas from the United States to Europe.

The organization also demanded strict actions and investigation against the plastic factory for whom the Flemish government issued a 250 million euro guarantee to Project One from Ineos. Greenpeace Belgium demanded that the Flemish government withdraw this guarantee.

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