Greece: Alexis Tsipras extends name day greetings to citizens

Greece: The President of SYRIZA, a political party in Greece, Alexis Tsipras, extends name-day greetings to all of the citizens. Wished everyone endurance, strength, and more light. 

He expressed happiness over the great day and took to his official social media handle, highlighted in the statement, “A glorious day for Orthodoxy, a great day for Greeks and Greeks.

I wish each and everyone endurance, strength, faith in our forces and more light. We need this, especially the last few years we’ve been walking in the dark. ‘happy name day to all.”

Name day: The days when a martyr, saint or holy person is celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Church. In some countries, it is known as feast days. These anniversaries are basically for the saint’s or martyr’s death. 

It is important for the people of Greece because, each Greek name day of the year, and sometimes more than one on a single day, is commemorated by the Orthodox Calendar in honour of a saint or martyr.

Various people shared their happiness through the comment section, and one of the users highlighted, “May the light of hope of the Epiphany illuminate the souls, life and struggles of the Greek people with optimism and revive the hope and dream of Social Justice. The true meaning of enlightenment is to look at the darkness with bright eyes.”

Also, so many people wished Alexis Tsipras happy birthday and stated, “Happy Birthday Αλέξης Τσίπρας – Alexis Tsipras, Good & blessed enlightenment to all of us! In this place, let the light shine of a capable & charismatic leader for his country and his people! The truth is, we shud “learn from the dark.. Be strong and have a good ride in the light!… Amen”  

The other users said, “Happy birthday to you s. Chairman. Rejoice your comrade Peristera. Happy new year. more light.”


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