Germany: Coco the Traveling Samoyed shares experiences about Cologne during Christmas eve

Europe: Coco the Traveling Samoyed shared experiences about Cologne as it is really special at Christmas time and all of the Christmas markets. 

Samoyed was born in Burgu, and she took to her official social media, “We LOVED Cologne and all the Christmas markets.”


There are four main markets in the centre of Cologne: 

  • Weihnachtsmarkt am Kölner Dom, 
  • Heinzels Wintermärchen 
  • Markt der Engel and 
  • Hafen-Weihnachtsmarkt am Schokoladenmuseum.

Here are the tips for visiting such markets: 

  1. People can take the Bimmelbahen Christmas Market Express and hop on hop off with stops at each of Köln’s Christmas markets. €12 per hooman, €6 per small hooman and dogs. 
  2. Bring cash. Most vendors don’t accept credit cards.
  3. The biggest is the Weihnachtsmarkt am Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market). There’s even nightly live entertainment on the main stage.
  4. Try the Reibekuchen (fried potato cakes), a Cologne speciality. The local way to enjoy them is with the apple compote. Also, try the fried mushrooms with garlic sauce, feuerzangenbowle (a traditional German alcoholic drink with a rum-soaked sugarloaf lit on fire) and gluhwein. 
  5. Heinzels Wintermärchen has an ice skating rink are €9-10.50 per hooman + €5.50 ice skate rental.
  6. There is a deposit (typically €3) for the gluhwein mug. You get it back if you turn in the mug.
  7. There is a deposit (typically €3) for the gluhwein mug. You get it back if you turn in the mug.
  8. Go on a fun Kölsch & Christmas market tour with the Kolesch Crew.
  9. If you’re going to visit with a dog, go before 4 pm and during the week. After 4 pm, it gets very crowded and too stressful for dogs.

On the other hand, she shared another update on Poland for Christmas markets. 

Time to Polish off a new country. While most hoomans wouldn’t think of Poland for Christmas markets, Wrocław gives many of Germany’s famous Christmas markets a run for their money.

Wrocław’s Christmas Market is set on Rynek Marquet Square and Place Solny. 

There are Polish crafts like traditional pottery and tons of excellent food, from pierogi and pork neck to Alsatian and even Georgian specialities. And there’s a fun fair with rides and even a fun house.


The gluhwein (grzaniec galicyjski in Polish) is served in the cutest boot-shaped mugs. And you can find a giant boot to take a photo in.


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