France: Paul Pogba to face lengthy time out if proven guilty of doping offence

FIFA World Cup 2018 winner Paul Pogba has been anticipated to get suspended for four years if proven guilty following a doping control test detected artificially raised levels of testosterone. The ban can be extended for another two years if confirmed to be taken intentionally. Italian anti-doping authorities have reported this on Monday.

However, his manager Rafaela Pimenta has given a statement in his defence, mentioning that they were waiting for the counter-analysis and can’t say confirm anything now. Pimenta emphasized that he could guarantee that Pogba would never do such things and never attempt to bend the rules.

After a tragic season with injuries and a blackmail affair, the dreams of bouncing back for French and Juventus midfielder have been shattered by the alleged doping offence.

The tests were carried out after Juventus’ 3-0 victory over Udinese in a Serie-A game on August 20, 2023. Pogba was not included in starting 11 during the match and stayed on bench as an unused substitute.

The suspension of Pogba has been Italy’s National Anti-Doping Tribunal statement has officially confirmed decision following an anti-doping offence.

The Juventus midfielder, who has barely gotten his second stint at the club going due to fitness issues, tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone on August 20.

The football career of 2018 FIFA World Cup winner took another turn yesterday, September 11; things kept getting worse for him since he returned to Turin, Italy. After spending six unsuccessful years at Manchester United, Pogba’s second stint at Allianz Arena will end soon if he is found guilty of such offences.

The expected duration of the ban can be up to four years. Such bans in football were rare, but several big names in football have been suspended for lengthy periods after being proven guilty of using banned substances.

The former Argentine legend Diego Maradona faced a 15-month ban in 1991 for using banned substances. Rio Ferdinand, the Manchester United legend, has to stay off the pitch after refusing to be tested. However, he still had a successful career at Old Trafford.

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