Europol unveils updated ‘Most Wanted List’, Belgian Police close in on fugitives

Brussels, Belgium: In a renewed effort to combat severe crimes across Europe, Europol, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation, yesterday unveiled an updated version of its Most Wanted list, featuring 50 new names.

The release, accompanied by a captivating campaign themed around “superheroes,” aims to engage the public in the pursuit of justice and highlights the critical role citizens play in aiding law enforcement.

Europol’s Executive Director, Catherine De Bolle, emphasized the significance of collaboration among EU countries and citizens in the relentless pursuit of wanted fugitives.

“These criminals escape from country to country and repeatedly try to evade law enforcement authorities,” she stated, underlining the necessity of a united front against cross-border criminal activities.

The Most Wanted list, accessible on Europol’s official website, showcases individuals linked to heinous crimes such as murder, human trafficking, armed robbery, and cybercrime.

The public is urged to visit the website and check if they recognize anyone on the list. Europol encourages citizens to become the unsung heroes in the fight against crime, urging them to be vigilant and report any information that could lead to the capture of these fugitives.

“By quickly browsing our EU Most Wanted list website, you could help save potential victims. Check the website and help us find them. Be our next hero,” urged Europol, emphasizing the potential impact of citizen involvement in making communities safer.

One notable inclusion in the updated list is Fejzulla Haredin, a 58-year-old Albanian national with the alias Vasileos Samaras. Haredin has been sentenced to a total of 18 years in prison in Belgium for his involvement in drug trafficking (narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances) and membership in a criminal organization.

The Brussels Court of First Instance sentenced him to nine years, followed by an additional four years by the Brussels Court of Appeal and five years in total.

Belgian authorities, both from the prosecutor’s office and the police, are actively seeking Haredin, whose criminal activities transcend borders.

The inclusion of individuals like Haredin on the Most Wanted list underscores the transnational nature of modern criminal enterprises, necessitating a coordinated and collaborative effort among European nations.

Europol has established an avenue for citizens to contribute anonymously to the apprehension of these criminals. The Most Wanted website allows users to submit tips, which are then forwarded to the ENFAST community (European network of police officers within national fugitive teams).

This specialized network operates 24/7, ready to take immediate action to locate and arrest fugitives whenever necessary.

The ongoing campaign and the updated Most Wanted list signal a renewed commitment by European law enforcement agencies to address the challenges posed by international criminal networks.

Europol’s call to action encourages citizens to play an active role in safeguarding their communities, promoting a sense of collective responsibility in the pursuit of justice.

As the campaign gains momentum, law enforcement agencies anticipate an influx of tips and information from vigilant citizens determined to make a difference.

The collaborative efforts between Europol and national police forces, exemplified by Belgium’s pursuit of Haredin, demonstrate the effectiveness of a united front against the elusive and dangerous individuals featured on the Most Wanted list.

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