Creativ dubs Musicians wishes people happy new year 2023

Creativ dubs, Musicians, wished everyone a happy new year 2023 from the bottom of their hearts. They also shared a big photo dump for a big year.

Creativ dubs took to their official social media account and highlighted in the statement, “Family! We wish you a happy new year from the bottom of our hearts! Big photo dump for a big year. 2022 meant a lot to us! We had a warm welcome to the Belgian sound system scene with a first and unforgettable session in Geel by Uptown Hi-Fi!”

They said what an experience moving the sound, stringing up for the first time away from home, seeing people dance joyfully in front of the rig, waw.

Creativ dubs were followed by exactly 13 other sessions. Some they organized ourselves, some they got invited to, some better than others, sound qualitywise, crowd wise, datewise and so on. They learned a lot by doing a lot.

The statement further highlighted, “This Journey was not possible without any of you!”

A big thanks to:

– all people present at these sessions (& all others without sound as well!)

– our good neighbours, sounds & friends who helped us out a lot with questions, practical things, problems, volunteering, chatting and giving opinions or feedback!

– All volunteers in our sessions

– All people are supporting the second-hand trade of Soundsystem gear!

– All people giving compliments, taking photos, promoting & sharing events, posts or other material

– All people supporting us through merch & music

– All beautiful artists, players of instruments & lyrical providers that played on or alongside our sound so far!

Read here the list of artists as well as players of instruments by Creativ dubs: 

  • Redwood Dub
  • Lenni Locks
  • Rootsman Sax
  • Ras Cloud
  • Micky B
  • Arky Starch
  • Dub Front
  • Devoted to the Dub
  • Dula Selam
  • Free the Masses Soundsystem
  • Vater Pachini Soundsystem
  • Resonance Soundsystem
  • Deliverance Soundsystem – RDC Sound
  • Ital Brothers
  • Jah My Vibration Soundsystem
  • Fisherman Soundsystem
  • Dub Tubby
  • Marijah
  • Time To Dub
  • Midehyah
  • Barry Soundsystem
  • Equality Soundsystem
  • Uptown Hi-Fi
  • Roots Explosion Soundsystem
  • Little Man Soundsystem
  • Drijfkracht Soundsystem
  • Forward Fever
  • Dreadical warriors Soundsystem
  • Asta Man Mc
  • Chapter Two Soundsystem
  • Serendipity Soundsystem
  • Dub A Gwaan

Furthermore, they outlined, “Guiding Ark Soundsystem, I’m sorry if I forgot some, FORWARD EVER! Too many new years!”

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