Abducted boy may be killed in Belgium, but suspect brought it to Netherlands for dumping

The police authorities of Belgium reported an incident, where Dean Verberckmoes a four-year-old boy has been killed. The person who has been identified as...

Belgium: New working rules restricts boss to call any government worker after working hours

Belgium has imposed new regulations in which the bosses cannot call the employees during working hours. As per the information provided by the sources,...

Belgium to provide booster vaccination dose to younger ones:Reports

In Belgium, the authorities have yet decided to provide booster vaccination shots against the COVID-19 variant to the younger ones, as per the information...

Zara Rutherford becomes the youngest women pilot to travel around world alone

In Belgium, on January 17 on 2022, a 19-year-old pilot named Zara Rutherford will land her shark sport aircraft in Kortrijk. As -per the...

Antwerp city officials are planning to vaccinate children in zoo

In Antwerp city, in Belgium's River Scheldt, have found an engrossing way to provide vaccination to the children with the initial shot against the...

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