Belgium Embassy in US celebrates Saint Nicholas Day

Belgium: The Embassy of Belgium in the United States of America shared a glimpse of celebrating Saint Nicholas Day, and they welcomed Saint Nicholas and more than fifty children at the residence of Belgium on Sunday.

They took to their official social media account and mentioned, “Happy Saint Nicholas Day to all! Ambassador Régibeau welcomed Saint Nicholas and over fifty children at the Belgian residence on Sunday.”

For their members, this activity was organized with the Belgian Clubs in Washington, D.C.. Celebrating the patron saint of children is a tradition that gave birth to the North American Santa Claus.”

They further highlighted guests of all ages enjoyed a table filled with delicious homemade goodies by Chef Kevin Henoumont: marshmallows, Liège waffles, speculoos and other holiday cookies and cakes.

Celebration of Saint Nicholas Day on December 6 is a highlight for children in Belgium but also in the Netherlands (the Low Countries) and other regions of Europe.

As per National Calander Day, Saint Nicholas Day remembers as the third-century Saint who was a motivation for the modern-day Santa Claus on December 6.

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