Belgium embassy in Manila shares update on Active Mobility Event

Belgium: The Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Manila shared the update on the Active Mobility Event on Friday and asked people to join the event.

They shared the update on their official Facebook account and highlighted, “Ready to join our Active Mobility Event on Friday? In this year’s Violence Against Women Campaign, we are promoting inclusivity, and active public mobility needs to be inclusive of all abilities.”

Along with this, whether a person walks, cycles, scoots, skates or will be participating with a wheelchair, as well as they encourage people to join the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Manila and move towards a #VAWFreePh this 2022.

This initiative is brought to the people by the Embassy of Belgium in Manila, in partnership with the Embassy of the Netherlands in the Philippines, SheDecides Philippines, Austrian Embassy Manila, Filipino Freethinkers, Women Bikers for #SafeSpaces, Voice Philippines, Pinay Bike Commuter, Bambike Ecotours Intramuros as well as @Intramuros Administration.

Active Mobility:

They are also known as active transportation, active travel, and soft mobility. It refers to the act of traversing from one place to another through non-motorized means.

In addition, examples of this include walking, rowing, as well as cycling, scooters, electric bikes, wheelchairs, roller skates, and skateboards. It promotes active community health and physical as well as mental well-being.

On the other hand, they also celebrated World Children’s Day on November 20.

Furthermore, they mentioned in the statement, “the convention on the Rights of the Children was adopted in 1989 and recognizes that childhood is a safe period which must allow children to grow, learn and play.”

Belgium is fully committed to protecting children’s rights both nationally as well as the entire world.

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