Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter shares information about Olaf, beautiful dog

Antwerp, Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter in Belgium, shares information about Olaf, a beautiful dog of about 1.5 years old. He looks like a smaller version of a black German shepherd of height 38-40 cm.

He took to his official social media account and highlighted in the statement, “Olaf is a noble, beautiful dog of 1.5 years old. He looks like a smaller version of a black German shepherd. Height 38-40 cm.”


The dog is already sterilized, litter trained and walks well on a leash. Moreover, Olaf is smart, understands commands quickly and understands what his owner wants from him.

In the house, he behaves calmly and usually sleeps in his basket. It can be home alone for some time, waiting for the owner. Very well behaved in the car, and long distances are no problem. Interested but responded calmly to a cat in the house.

He lived in a foster family with other big dogs for a long time. The dog lives in the province of Antwerp, the city of Zwijndrecht. Furthermore, Olaf is a noble, handsome dog who deserves a well-experienced and loving owner.

He needs an owner with experience and the ability to control the dog’s behaviour well. People would like to find a family for him with experience in raising dogs and with children over ten years old who already know how to handle dogs well.

A house with a small garden where Olaf could run freely and hit a ball. The Animal Shelter hoped that his future owner was already reading this profile and that Olaf would soon leave for his real loving family, who would treat him with respect as a family member.

On the other hand, they also shared information about the dog Tony, who is very good-looking and the real truth.


The dog has a beautiful marble colour and black speckles. There is a true gentleman, friend and lover of other animals, mainly cats.

They stated in the statement, “Calm, calm, calm……. Sweet, sweet, sweet…… Kind, kind, kind …..”

Furthermore, the dog is nine months old, the height of Kennel is 48 cm, is already neutered, behaves perfectly in the house, and is friendly to other animals. Potty and walks on a leash.

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