Belgium: Chance-Animal Shelter requests people to save and adopt dogs

Antwerp, Belgium: Chance, Animal shelter requested people to save the dogs and adopt them by giving her a little space in their warm home as well as lots of love.

They took to their official social media account and highlighted the statement, “Save the dog! Give her a little space in your warm home and a lot of love in your soul!”

The dog is 11 years old, 60 cm tall as well as already sterilized. They mentioned that they think Alma (Dog) is a mix of a Swiss shepherd with a terrier.

Along with this, the Volunteer of Chance, Animal Shelter described her character with words in superlatives.

  • -She is the sweetest,
  • -She is the happiest,
  • -She’s the smartest,
  • -She is the very active one,
  • -She is the friendliest,
  • -She’s the most beautiful.

This greatest dog in the whole world is looking for the most loving owner. She’s suffered enough in this life and deserves a little happiness.

She seeks people’s attention and love and will be the most loyal and obedient dog.

Alma is sterilized, vaccinated against rabies, chipped and has a passport. Alma now lives in The Hague.

All you have to do is give her your warm home and some space on your couch.

Alma is a big and active dog who is looking for someone who will play and walk with her a lot but can also take the time to raise her.

Alma can grow up age with a small child (from 6-7 years) for whom she will be a friend for life. It is really recommended to place her in an active family that will be able to spend time with her because she is so young, and she still has to learn that not every moment is a moment to play.

She is playful and will find pleasure and satisfaction in a large garden. Other animals will not be a problem for her. The other dog is a defective plus.


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