Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter introduces Juna-shepherd mix dog from Ukraine

Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter introduced Juna, a sweet candy, shepherd mix with a small dog from Ukraine. She is available for adoption

He took to his official social media account and highlighted in the statement, “Juna- sweet candy! We think Juna is a shepherd mix with a small dog. She is now 30cm and will be around 40-45 when she grows up.”

The 5.5 months old Juna, the pup, is very human-oriented. Moderately active, people can also say her to be calm. Along with this, she likes to lie next to her owner on the couch.

She is very obedient and smart and understands quickly what her owner wants from her, and she learns quickly and easily.

The Animal Shelter mentioned in the statement, “Very affectionate and friendly with other dogs and cats. The house behaves calmly and can be alone for a few hours. Sweet, friendly, affectionate, funny puppy. May arrive in Belgium in February.”

On the other hand, Chance, Animal Shelter also shared the information about an incredibly cute and gentle puppy, Richi, 5.5 months old. 

Incredibly cute and gentle puppy Richi 5.5 months old.

Now he is 25cm and weighs only 3kg. This is a small breed of dog and won’t get bigger than 30 cm when grown up.

Image Courtesy: Official Facebook account of Chance, Animal Shelter (Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter introduces Juna-shepherd mix dog from Ukraine)They said, “Nice, happy, playful, healthy puppy.”

Moreover, he has a brave character and makes direct contact with strangers. Friendly with all animals in the house. He behaves calmly in the house and can be home alone for some time. He is not 100 percent trained for potty yet but is learning fast and is very obedient. This amazing baby can even live in a small apartment.

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