Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter introduces dog, “Lilly” found in basement of shop

Antwerp, Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter in Antwerp, Belgium, introduced a dog named Lilly, who was found in the basement of a shop in Ukraine. 

The Animal Shelter in Belgium shared the information about their dogs from the Animal shelter “Chance” in Ukraine. They took to their official social media account and highlighted in the statement, “Darling Lilly! Our volunteers found her in the basement of a shop (see the first video).”

Along with this, she was also lying in the box, shivering from the cold. She was very skinny as well as cold. The volunteers of Chance picked her up and found her a foster home.

Image Courtesy: Official Facebook page of Chance, Animal Shelter

Moreover, their dog Lilly bloomed like a rose in the spring as well as became a real beauty. She becomes a beautiful dog. Lilly has passed the medical examination, and she is absolutely healthy. Age 8-9 months.

In addition, she is 38 cm at the shaft and will be a maximum of 40 cm. She is very gentle as well as an affectionate dog.

  • Already potty trained
  • Runs well on a leash
  • Behaves calmly in the house and can be left alone waiting for the owner
  • Gets along well with children as well as other animals in the home

The Chance Animal Shelter outlined that she is a real beauty, and they said to give this beauty a warm home as well as some goodies for the New Year. 

She is chipped, neutered, vaccinated, and has a passport. She can come to Belgium in the middle of January.

On the other hand, they have also shared the information that Samantha and Matthias have already booked Morris. Chance Animal Shelter stated, “Beige beauty Emily is still AVAILABLE!

There’s still no question for our sweet couple! How is this possible???”

Morris on Emily. His brother and sister are six months old. Two sweet candies still need their golden basket. 

– Healthy and playful

– Friendly with other dogs and cats.

– Nice!

– Small in size and fits in any apartment.

Who has a little space in their home and a lot of love and warmth in their soul to give these pups a chance at a better life?

Puppies can be adopted together or separately. Chipped, vaccinated, all documents ready for transport. Also, they can come to Belgium at the beginning of January.

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