Bangkok based Xian Gaza travels 58 nations in just 29 years

World: A 29-year-old man named Xian Gaza, also known as Christian Albert Gaza from Bangkok, Thailand has travelled to about 58 countries which is two times more than his age. 

God has always created uniqueness in every place and person, as well as they never miss the chance to amaze the world with their magnificent creations. 

One such example has once again stunned the entire globe with his ability to travel the world in just 29 years. 

The list of the countries Xian Gaza has travelled to: 

1. Philippines: It is a beautiful country with a famous underground river as well as rice terraces. There is plenty of colour full transportation in the country.

2. Hong Kong: It is an international hub for trade and investment.

3. Macau: It is China’s special administrative region that works under the “One Country, Two Systems” principle. It is famous for its Chinese culture. 

4. Taiwan: The main island of China, famous for its delicious food.

5. United Arab Emirates: It is well-known for one of the tallest man-made buildings in the entire world, which is known as-Burj Khalia

6. South Korea: Globally, people are influenced by the pop culture of this nation. 

7. Singapore: It is a global financial centre with a world-class city airport. There are many places which are famous in Singapore. 

8. Thailand: People from all over the world travel to Thailand once in their lifetime for its famous spa massages, nightlife as well as Buddhist temples.

9. Malaysia: There are many places in the country which is well known among the people, and the capital of Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) is the place which attracts tourist from all over the globe, 

10. Vietnam: Because of its beautiful beaches, amazing food, as well as its culture has made Vietnam identified well among the people. 

11. Indonesia: It is all about Hindu temples and beautiful waterfalls.

12. Myanmar: Buddhism in Myanmar has made the nation more rich in culture, and people are attracted to its peace and breathtaking surroundings. 

13. Cambodia: There are many mesmerising places in the country with a rich heritage as well as eco-tourism sites.

The list does not end here, and Xian Gaza also visited to

14. Brunei

15. Laos

16. India

17. Nepal

18. Sri Lanka

19. Maldives

20. Israel

21. Palestine

22. Brazil

23. Peru

24. Colombia

25. Ecuador

26. Bolivia

27. Georgia

28. Oman

29. Azerbaijan

30. Morocco

31. Armenia

32. France

33. Switzerland

34. Italy

35. Vatican City

36. Spain

37. Portugal

38. Luxembourg

39. Belgium

40. Netherlands

41. Germany

42. Czech Republic

43. Austria

44. Slovakia

45. Hungary

46. Poland

47. Lithuania

48. Latvia

49. Estonia

50. Finland

51. Denmark

52. Sweden

53. Norway

54. Iceland

55. Monaco

56. Malta

57. Greece

58. Liechtenstein

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