“Attorney General, I waive my parliamentary immunity, I am waiting for you to arrest me,” says Greek politician Alexis Tsipras

Greece: During his visit to the Attorney of the Supreme Court on December 5, 2022, Alexis Tsipras, President of SYRIZA, a political party in Greece, mentioned that he waived his parliamentary immunity, he is waiting for the Attorney General to arrest him.

He shared his official statement via his official social media account and mentioned, “Mr Attorney General, I waive my parliamentary immunity, I am waiting for you to arrest me.”

On December 5, 2022, he visited the Attorney of the Supreme Court on the occasion of the reports on the monitoring of the Chiefs of the Armed Forces, but also a number of politicians from the EYP.

Read here the complete statement of Alexis Tsipras: 

I expressed my deep concern over the attempted democratic extradition and pointed out to him that the evidence was there with the providers.

I asked him not to take responsibility and seek the truth by addressing the providers himself, so that there is no heavy shadow left in the democratic function of the state.

A month later, not only did he not respond to my request, but to my surprise I observed that he is today unprecedentedly attempting to prevent the Constitutionally competent Independent Authority from exercising its duties and seeking the truth.

The opinion of Mr Doyakou is a blatant violation of the Constitution.

No law and no opinion can annul the Constitution and the mission of ADAE to control and ensure the confidentiality of communications.

The worst, however, of all is that Mr The prosecutor does not only stand in opinion, but also attempts to intimidate Independent Authority officials, issuing threats of imprisonment to those who dare to do their duty and resist deportation in seeking the truth.

These threats are known and expressed by the culprits and those who fear the revelation of the offences they have committed, months ago.

However, since Mr. repeats them, Prosecutor, pointing out that no one other than the victim has the right to seek evidence, it is obvious that these threats do not only apply to ADAE executives but also to me personally. As it is known, I have filed a request with the ADAE as of December 7, 2022, in order to seek evidence regarding the removal of the confidentiality of certain persons with a critical role in public life.

If this action, according to the opinion of the Attorney of the Supreme Court, is criminally prosecuted, I declare to him that I waive my parliamentary immunity and call on him to proceed with legal action against me.

Mr Attorney General,

Eleftherias Square 1, my office.

Waiting for you to arrest me.

Know, however, both you and those working these unprecedented and blatantly unconstitutional actions that whatever you do, you will not prevent the truth from shining, nor will you succeed in silencing democracy. She runs deep in that place.

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