Another Belgian attacked by Moroccan immigrant in Brakel

Brakel, Belgium: Another Belgian resident is attacked by a Moroccan immigrant in Brakel. An elderly man on a bench faces punches and kicks from a guy from Morocco. No one comes to the man’s aid.

A Twitter account named @B7frankH shared the clip claiming that a Moroccan immigrant brutally assaulted an elder Belgian sitting on a bench. It’s another attack on a Belgian resident attacked by a Moroccan immigrant.

The video shows a young man beating an older adult, laying multiple punches and kicks on them. It’s not the first time a video went viral of a Belgian being assaulted by an immigrant. Previously, a Morrocan middle-aged man forced a Belgian boy to carry out a humiliating act in a racially motivated assault.

The migrant teens laugh as they force the lone and frightened boy on his knees and kiss their shoes.

As of 2023, a total of 699,296 North Africans arrived in Belgium, of which the majority of them are Moroccans. The illegal Moroccans has caused numerous problems for the Belgians living in Brussels, Antwerp, Flanders and Wallonia.

The Belgian reported that some Belgian immigrants, mostly middle-aged men, form gangs and loot local residents. The immigrants have done many incidents of beating, looting and racial abuse.

The most significant incident of violence caused by Moroccans in Belgium occurred on November 27, 2022, when the Moroccan football team knocked Belgium from the FIFA World Cup Group stage. The Moroccans started riots in the heart of Belgium.

The rioters burned electric vehicles and scooters and damaged various public facilities, celebrating Moroccon’s victory. The Belgian Police detained dozens of rioters that day. The act of violence caused by immigrants on a daily basis left the Belgians frustrated about the immigration policies of the country.

Several Belgians demanded that the country shouldn’t let more immigrants enter the territories of Belgium for the security of Belgian citizens.


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