Alfen Secures Major Contract with TEC for Electric Bus Charging Infrastructure in Wallonia

Brussels, June 19, 2024 – Dutch energy technology firm Alfen has announced a significant contract with TEC, the public transport operator in Belgium’s Walloon Region, to supply charging infrastructure for electric buses.

The initial two-year agreement, valued in the “double-digit million-euro” range, can be renewed annually for up to six years, underscoring a potentially long-term collaboration between the two companies.

TEC, known as Transport en Commun, manages an extensive network of nearly 2,500 buses and trams across almost 800 lines throughout Wallonia. The contract with Alfen marks a pivotal step in TEC’s ambitious plans to electrify its fleet and enhance the region’s public transportation system.

Under the terms of the agreement, Alfen will provide custom medium voltage (MV) walk-in substations designed to deliver reliable electricity to TEC’s electric bus charging infrastructure.

This project will be executed through Alfen’s Belgian branch, ensuring local expertise and efficient implementation. The substations will be installed at approximately 50 fast-charging locations strategically positioned to support TEC’s electrification goals.

Yves Vercammen, Country Manager for Alfen Belgium, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “As an EV charge point manufacturer for 16 years, Alfen is proud to support electric mobility with its long expertise in grid solutions, too.

With this turnkey project, which includes all the electric installations and civil works, we’re proving that Alfen is much more than a supplier of concrete substations. We’re a system integrator for MV substations, unburdening customers from A to Z.”

The substations are a critical component in the infrastructure required for TEC’s electric buses, ensuring they receive a stable and efficient power supply.

This collaboration not only highlights Alfen’s capabilities in delivering comprehensive energy solutions but also underscores TEC’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in public transport.

Alfen’s entry into the Belgian market dates back to 2007. Since then, the company has successfully delivered over 51,600 transformer substations across Belgium and the Netherlands, establishing itself as a reliable partner in energy infrastructure.

This extensive experience positions Alfen as a key player in the transition towards electric mobility in the region.

TEC’s decision to partner with Alfen is a strategic move to modernize its transport fleet and reduce its carbon footprint. The deployment of electric buses is expected to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to Wallonia’s environmental targets and enhancing air quality for its residents.

The collaboration between TEC and Alfen is set to play a crucial role in the broader European efforts to shift towards greener transportation alternatives.

With cities and regions across the continent increasingly investing in electric mobility, projects like these are essential for building the necessary infrastructure to support the transition.

As the project progresses, both TEC and Alfen will likely explore further innovations and enhancements in electric vehicle charging solutions.

The success of this initiative could serve as a model for other regions and public transport operators looking to adopt similar sustainable practices.

In summary, Alfen’s substantial contract with TEC for the provision of MV walk-in substations represents a significant advancement in Wallonia’s public transport electrification efforts.

This partnership not only exemplifies Alfen’s expertise and commitment to electric mobility but also marks a significant milestone in TEC’s journey towards a greener and more sustainable public transport system.


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