Alexis Tsipras says he is commited to abolish Presidential Decree

Greece: The President of the political party in Greece, SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, committed to abolishing the Presidential Decree that equates their degrees downwards.

Alexis Tsipras took to his official social media account and mentioned in the statement, “A direct attack by the government on civilized people. Our commitment is to abolish the Presidential Decree that equates downwards their degrees.”

The government is isolating graduates of art schools, public and private, so as to push some of the private schools into this factory of partnership with colleges abroad. The reason is obvious, and the political feasibility is clear.

The government’s attack has two sides: On the one hand, it is how the framework of studies and architecture of higher and metal education is shaped – and at the level of professional rights – and, on the other, we have to do with it we are a direct attack on the people of culture, who do not have has suffered a bit in recent years.

The first thing we need to do now is to all hit the target of withdrawing this Presidential Decree. SYRIZA – PS commits to withdraw the Presidential Decree so that at least the level of the TE -higher education – degree from all arts schools is restored.

On the other hand, Alexis Tsipras highlighted in 2023 all people deserve to be a better year. The year of great victory as well as political change.

Which will come an hour sooner if people themselves become the change people expect. From the new year, Popi Tsapanidou will be SYRIZA – PS Spokesperson Alexis welcomes her as well as thanks for accepting the proposal.

He said, “Poppy, an excellent journalist, modern woman and mother, I am sure will contribute decisively to our common struggle.”

He wanted to thank Nassos Iliopoulos, who has represented them with combativeness and adequacy to this day. He will be a candidate in Athens A as well as, at the same time, from the position of responsibility for strategic communications, he will continue to contribute to our election battle.

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