Alexis Tsipras says Digital transition with justice means no one gets left behind

Greece: Alexis Tsipras, President of SYRIZA, stated Digital transition with justice means no one gets left behind. They urgently need a change in practising policy.

He shared the information through his official social media account and mentioned in the statement, “So that no one gets left behind. That’s why we speak clearly, first and foremost, about redirecting European resources of the Recovery Fund and the new NSA.”

Where small businesses with up to 10 employees are excluded. They are going to change that. Transparency in the utilization of public resources is a necessity for a healthy economy. 8.5 Billion euro in direct deposits in the last two years is a historic negative record.

Alexis Tsipras said, “I am informed that the management of European resources by the Mitsotakis government has already made Brussels noisy.”

The excessive profits of 7-8 large energy companies cost all other businesses and households. So are the high prices of digital communication services – internet.

Finally in Greece, markets must work to the benefit of all.

On the other hand, Alexis shared another update and stated, if Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic, Kyriakos Mitsotakis do not have the basic dignity to resign, at least call elections – Redeem Democracy. 

Read here the complete statement by Alexis Tsipras

You handed us a bankrupt country, out of markets, with society in disintegrated, with 27% unemployment and 60% for young people. And you dare say that “SYRIZA did not face any crisis”? We came out of the crisis you made. at your own judgement.

And what did you do to remember a parable, “the talent you were given”?

You wasted it in the most unjust and selfish way.

With the old tested recipes, which inevitably lead to the same result:

On the verge of bankruptcy. At your own risk and choice, our country continues the harshest and most unfair income redistribution that has ever taken place since the Transition and beyond.

The super profits of the powerful reflecting the impoverishment of the many, is your strategy.

According to ELSTAT data, households in Greece with an income of up to 750 euro per month have lost about 40% of their purchasing power.

The minimum wage has already lost 19% of its purchasing power since September. Two out of three employees are making cuts to basic foods.

Plunder the middle class and the weak through fixed VAT rates on basic consumption items and EFK rates on fuel and heating while inflation exceeds 10%.

In our country, according to Eurostat data, there is the largest deviation in prices for products produced in Greece, from the price the producer gets in the field compared to what the consumer finds on the shelf.

300% price deviation on average. No interference by the government. Only make fun of “household baskets” and “Santa”.

Profiteering is not imported at all. It is made in Greece. It’s the birth and borne of your political choices. The Patsis phenomenon reflects the dna of your policy to address the problem of red loans. 700,000 properties across the country are currently being controlled by “crows”.

4.5 mil today citizens – almost half of Greeks – owe either to banks, funds, the tax office, or insurance funds. The private debt in your days has increased by almost 38 billion euro. The banks, that we have paid with our blood, had 2.35 billion profits. euro. And who believes you when you’re allegedly brawling.

“We swapped,” he says, “we’ve had a fight with the bankers.” As low as the blood.

Who are you kidding? Governments do not “exchange protests”. The governments are making legislation. The first 450 million Loans from the Recovery Fund go to only 13 large businesses. The middle class in the background. Small and medium sized businesses on clearance.

Workers in insecurity and uncertainty. Society is all immersed in debt, cold and fear of losing its home. For what have you done Mr. Mitsotakis do not only tarnish Democracy but offend the core of the ideas of political liberalism. Civil rights and freedom of the individual.

I challenge you sir Mitsotaki. Let’s open the files of ADAE and the Prosecutor’s Office. That’s where the truth lies What are you afraid of?

Because the big difference is that the EYP on SYRIZA was watching the so-called Greek Mafia. Back in your day they were run by the Greek Mafia.

Can the Mr. Chatzidakis should not be bothered if, instead of an elected MP and Minister, is released as a EYP target with the code 5046c. But there are thousands of citizens, and many of your voters, Mr. Mitsotakis, they don’t tolerate this.

I am addressing the many Justice officials, who are offended when they hear the word “we need a Belgian Prosecutor”.

We don’t need Belgian prosecutors.

Our prosecutors could bring the same results, with their hands up.

This is what we need.

Today you have an opportunity and a possibility. Mitsotakis, show yourself worthy of responsibility. Stand on that step and quit. As long as you don’t choose it and insist on extradition and the “Democracy of confidentiality”, as long as you do not give answers because the EYP was watching your ministers and the heads of the national defense and if you do not have the basic dignity to resign, at least call an election.

Redeem the Republic. Call elections to bring about political change. For the place to breath.

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