Alexis Tsipras announces his official visit in Florida

Greece: The President of the political party SYRIZA in Greece, Alexis Tsipras, has made an announcement through his official social media post that he is visiting Florida. He mentioned that he would be visiting the pollution-prone areas where unemployment is on the rise.

He highlighted in the statement, “We don’t accept that we will have second-class citizens. We don’t accept that we will have our fellow humans helpless in the cold.”

Alexis Tsipras further mentioned, “I am visiting Florina today, a particularly polluted area where unemployment is rising, where people are forced to leave downtown, Athens, Thessaloniki, abroad, because of the fact that the state, especially lately for years, it has created conditions of degradation of the lives of the people living here.”

The apolignitization was violent and unplanned, the difficulties are magnified by accuracy, by the energy crisis.

In the region of Western Macedonia, where heating costs have always been unbearable, these conditions are even worse.

In Florina in particular, which has the lowest temperatures across Greece and a long winter, citizens are facing real survival issues.

Because households that can’t afford this cost are facing impoverishment, businesses that can’t support this cost are facing a padlock.

Two weeks ago, he had a meet in Athens with the Florina Bodies Committee as well as promised them that he would immediately visit Florina to highlight this major issue.

“We as a state cannot accept the fact that we are going to have 2nd class citizens. We cannot as a state accept the fact that we will have our fellow humans left helpless in the cold and freezing.”

For all of Greece, the government should have long foreseen the reduction of the Special Consumption Tax to the lower projected levels by the European Union, in both heating oil and fuel.

For the people of Florida, but also for the areas that experience a long and prolonged winter this is a condition of survival.

On the other hand, President of SYRIZA also shared the information about watching the Chiefs of the Armed Forces puts our national security at risk.

He asserted, “I expressed to the Attorney General my deep concern over the developments.”

The revelations of recent months about the conversion of the EYP into a non-institutional center for monitoring political leaders, MPs, ministers, journalists, businessmen, even judges is a major wound to the democracy itself race, it’s putting her at risk.

Read here the full statement of Alexis Tsipras

Monitoring in chief of the Armed Forces puts our own national security at risk. We all have a responsibility not to let this heavy shadow hover over our political system but also over the Armed Forces of the country. We all know that Greek Justice has exclusive responsibility for the search for the evidence and evidence, the reconciliation of this difficult case, and the exclusive responsibility to shed abundant light.

And we all know where the evidence and evidence are. Where by law, it is required to comply with records of the ordinances and surveillance orders by the EPA and of course to those who signed the surveillance orders and orders.

I want to hope and hope that in this country the institutions of Democracy are still functioning. And I want to conclude to express my confidence in the institution of Greek Justice.



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