21st TSC Commanding General hosts FY23 1st Quarter Commander’s Breakfast

21st TSC Commanding General Maj. Gen. James Smith and Command Sgt. Maj. Kofi Primus hosted the FY23 1st Quarter Commander’s Breakfast at the Rhine Ordnance Barracks DFAC on December 6.

Included in the morning’s discussion was the recently signed policy memo directing commanders at all levels to create Health Promotion Teams throughout the AOR, including Benelux, Belgium; Greece; Kosovo, and Rheinland Pfalz, Germany.

The new teams will include representatives from Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention, Suicide Prevention, Chaplaincy, Military Equal Opportunity, Safety and Master Resiliency Training.

Additional initiatives include monthly “Squad Time” to afford Soldiers and leaders opportunities to talk about ongoing issues within the unit; a mentorship program; accident prevention program, and enhanced master resiliency training in cooperation with other community resources.

On the other hand, the 21st TSC –Theater Sustainment Command shared the information about the 16th Sustainment Brigade, the soldiers were assigned to the 80TH Movement Control Team “outlaws” assisted the the 80TH Movement Control Team “outlaws” assisted the with over 640 pieces of equipment from the Army of the United States’s second Armored Brigade Combat Team, first Infantry Division, which was stationed at Fort Riley, in Kansas.

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